Puzih Temple, 08.12.08 朴子配天宮

" Wandering in a temple while wearing headphones and holding a pair of microphones is not the easiest way to be discrete. So most of the time, when I want to record sounds in such situation, I just sit somewhere and wait until people around forget me. Because of this waiting and an attentive listening, one would be more concentrated and will notice numerous sounds and related behaviours. Here in this temple, the most surprising thing was the overall acoustic. The sounds of the street in front of the temple were absent, completly turned down. And the feeling in this temple was strange, like if we were in a wider room. Even in the open-air parts, where there is no roof, I had the feeling of being indoor. Because of the fragile and old decoration of this temple, a wide protection, a metal hangar has been build, housing the temple, stopping the outside sounds, and making this specific acoustic. I recorded then some workers reparing the roof of the temple. Their voices where coming from the top of this quiet place in a very surreal. These voices represent this particuliar period of time where the temple is becoming old, needing care and fixing. 

Other typical sounds include the incense lighter, doing a loud and short 'clac'. Sometimes it may be used by a visitor to light his cigarette, but no listener would made the difference... Another sound is oftenly met in the temples of Taiwan, the divinations blocks "poe". Their falling on the floor not only indicate the god's opinion on the believer's questions. It also informs the listeners about the size of the room by triggering its reverberation. These two last sounds are not endemic to this temple or the Chiayi region, but it fit to one's expectation about what should be heard in this kind of place. Finally I spent a little bit of time recording a mother and her child walking in the different rooms. Each time she would enter in another space, the sound of her wooden shoes would make a different echo. 

This time, in this temple, there was no particuliar activity, but I could imagine Ba Jia Jiang, Tangki and other ritual music there. These would be for a next recording session. But one thing would be very interesting : to come back as much as possible to this place, in the early morning, in the evening. To be present when all kind of believers are present. And to catch the daily life of this place. The tiny details that needs time to discover. A woman whispering, an old man repeating a god's name, some discussions, some jokes, and unexpected events... “ (Yannick Dauby)




Divination blocks :

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  1. J'étais au temple BEI GANG, pas loin de la maison de mon enfance, très bruyan, c'est le jour de fête pour la mère déesse de la Mer, tu le sais, très important symbole de croyance de tous les sud-ousest de taiwan, au debut de leur immigration de Chine à Taiwan, alors, les sons de prière et bloc bois sont si nombreux et vairations intenses...
    Mais, c'est beau aussi de l'entendre si solitaire, et simple
    bien à vous deux
    liping paris